Starting Processes in Electric Drive of a Passenger Elevator


  • Svilen Rachev Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Kremena Dimitrova Technical University – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Dimitrina Koeva Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Lyubomir Dimitrov Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria



induction motor, machine model, electric drive, transient analysis, elevator


During the operation of electric induction motors used to drive passenger elevators, electro-mechanical transient processes occur, which can cause unacceptable dynamic loads and vibrations. In this regard, research is needed both at the design stage and for operating elevator systems to determine the arising impact currents and torques, in order to propose solutions for their limitation within pre-set limits. Paper deals with starting processes in a two-speed induction motor drive of a passenger elevator. The equations for the voltages of the induction motor are presented in relative units in a coordinate system rotating at a synchronous speed. The values have been obtained for the torques, the rotational frequencies and the currents when starting at a high speed and passing from high to low speed.


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Rachev S. (2004). Transient Processes and Dynamic Loads in Induction Machines for Lifting Mechanisms, PhD dissertation, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University - Gabrovo, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 2004. (in Bulgarian)




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Rachev, S., Dimitrova, K., Koeva, D., & Dimitrov, L. (2021). Starting Processes in Electric Drive of a Passenger Elevator. The Journal of CIEES, 1(1), 40–49.