Nomophobia as a Social Problem- Habits of Using Mobile Phones


  • Irena Popović Polytechnic Hrvatsko zagorje Krapina, Croatia
  • Mario Jadek Polytechnic Hrvatsko zagorje Krapina, Croatia
  • Kristijan Puljek Polytechnic Hrvatsko zagorje Krapina, Croatia
  • Sebastijan Ptiček Polytechnic Hrvatsko zagorje Krapina, Croatia



disorder, addiction, technology, nomophobia, students


Nomophobia is a disorder of the modern, technologically advanced and digital world. It is becoming more common nowadays with increased development of mobile devices In this paper, we can see that more than 60% of the surveyed students admitted that they are addicted to mobile phones, without even being aware of nomophobia itself. The impact of nomophobia is manifold, from the physical and psycho-emotional burden borne by the patient himself to the collective burden, whose influence changes the form of social interactions. The paper will say more
about nomophobia itself, the advantages and disadvantages of using the technology itself, the impact on children and society, and the analysis of survey results from students.


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Popović, I., Jadek, M., Puljek, K., & Ptiček, S. (2022). Nomophobia as a Social Problem- Habits of Using Mobile Phones. The Journal of CIEES, 2(1), 12–15.